Camel Caravan & Sand Dunes Safari

Camel Caravan & Sand Dunes Safari

Tour Highlights

A unique blend of excitement and adventure take a break from the bustling city life, once reaching the sand dunes you will enjoy a camel caravan half way to the desert from onwards your 4×4 car will pick you  and escape into the tranquillity of the dunes to experience the thrills of a roller coaster ride into the heart of the Arabian Desert up to the Inland sea (Khor Al Adaid) then back to the Desert camp/ Sea line Beach Resort (as per the availability) to Relax while enjoying your Lunch Or Dinner.

Tour contains.

1. Transportation via 4×4 cars;

2. Lunch or Dinner;

3. Water & soft drinks, Tea & coffee;

4. Insurance;

5. Volleyball;

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